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Wild Swimming

Published: 11/05/2022 / Author: Knockderry House

Ever fancied swimming in a Scottish loch, surrounded by fabulous hills and a beautiful natural landscape?  Learn more about wild swimming from Knockderry House in Loch Long.


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4x4 adventures

Winter Inspiration

Published: 21/10/2021 / Author: Beth

There are many reasons to consider planning a holiday to Scotland during the Winter months, in fact there are many who would argue that it is the best time of year to come.  Apart from the fact that it is very often cheaper, the roads and the more popular destinations are less crowded and the scenery is spectacular with snow-capped peaks and dramatic sunsets.  We've summarised the best of the season in our short blog.

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Scottish Gin

Scottish Gin

Published: 12/03/2021 / Author: Knockderry House

Gin has a long and colourful history that spans hundreds of years, possibly as far back as the 1500s.  Known as ‘Mother’s Ruin’ in the 1700s and as a ‘livener’ in the 1800s, gin has fallen in and out of favour but is currently seeing a revival.

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Hochar Wine

Food and Wine | Knockderry House

Published: 12/03/2021 / Author: Knockderry House

As novice hoteliers, found ourselves trying to create a wine list for our small hotel. The previous owners had in their wisdom decided that wine was superfluous to their needs, or perhaps as a result of an ecstatic party to celebrate our purchase (another story) had consumed the entire contents, either way our cellar was bare – and we would have to start filling it.

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Happy Easter

Easter Celebrations

Published: 11/03/2021 / Author: Knockderry House

Easter is synonymous with the Easter Egg Hunt and the sight of children across the country rushing around gardens searching for chocolate eggs. For many Easter wouldnt be the same without the annual egg hunt. But why do we have treasure hunts at Easter? 

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Aerial view of the hotel


Published: 05/03/2021 / Author: Knockderry House

In order for you to get answer to your question as quick as possible we have gathered the most frequently asked questions here.

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Cycling Holidays

Published: 01/03/2021 / Author: Knockderry House

Cycling in the local area has become hugely popular.  There are regular organised cycling events but  more and more it is families out for the day enjoying the relative peace of these quite roads and the fantastic views along the coast line.

We have drafted a short description of a cycle route around the area for those of you considering bringing your bikes along and we have included a few more routes and local cycle suppliers to assist you to plan your cycling holiday.

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Protecting the Red Squirrel

Published: 25/02/2021 / Author: Knockderry House

Red squirrels are one of Scotland’s most loved animals, and they are our only native squirrel species. Once widespread throughout the country they have been under threat. However, there are still many places you might find red squirrels including here amoungst the woodlands of Argyll.

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mothers day card

Mother's Day Gifts

Published: 21/02/2021 / Author: Knockderry House

Whether or not you can see your mum, Mother’s Day 2021 is a chance to celebrate everything she does for you.  

We have put our heads together to think up some special ways to make her feel extra-special, no matter where you are.  From personalised vouchers to, Mother’s Day lockdown ideas you can do from the safety of your home, these are gifts that will definitely bring Mums everywhere some much-needed cheer this Mother’s Day.

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Knockderry House

William Leiper - a Scottish architect

Published: 20/02/2021 / Author: Beth

William Leiper is a name famously associated with the architecture of Helensburgh and surrounding areas and was known both as a domestic architect and a commercial architect. Some of his city work includes the Partick Burgh Halls, Glasgow Gas Light Building, the interior of Stirling Library, the Banqueting Hall of Glasgow City Chambers, Dowanhill Church and the Sun Life Building in Glasgow.


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