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How to Plan the Perfect Romantic Weekend Break in Scotland 

Scotland is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, historic charm, and warm hospitality, which is why it stands as the ideal location for those seeking a romantic weekend getaway with their special someone.  

A weekend break in Scotland provides the chance to indulge in tranquil moments with your significant other, creating unforgettable memories in a country that is as beautiful as it is welcoming. 

But with so many incredible locations to choose from, where exactly should be top of your list when searching for a romantic weekend break in Scotland?  

Let us show you. 

Nestled on the shores of Loch Long in rural Argyll and Bute stands Knockderry House. Our award-winning country house hotel captures the very essence of Scottish elegance and charm. Family-owned for 23 years and recipient of the prestigious Thistle Award for our outstanding hospitality experience, Knockderry House is not just a destination—it's a luxurious experience and an exciting adventure rolled into one. 

With stunning highland scenery, extraordinary service, excellent accommodation and a passionate team awaiting you, Knockderry House offers the perfect couples retreat for those looking for a romantic getaway along the West Coast of Scotland. 

Stay with us for the remainder of this blog, as we delve deeper into what makes Knockderry House the ultimate choice for a romantic weekend break in Scotland.

The allure of Scotland for weekend getaways 

Scotland, a country blessed with awe-inspiring landscapes, rich history, and a vibrant culture, stands as an ideal destination for weekend breaks.  

Our county’s unrivaled beauty and varied landscapes make it a magnet for couples seeking an escape from the mundane. From its majestic Munros to its serene lochs and ancient castles, Scotland offers an enchanting escape at every turn. 

A weekend break in Scotland comes with many unique benefits: 

1. A wealth of heritage and tradition 
2. Culinary delights 
3. Fun-filled outdoor activities.  
4. Stunning landscapes 
5. Natural wildlife 
6. Beautiful beaches (even if that water can be a wee bit cold...) 

Whether it's walking hand in hand along Scotland’s expansive Lochs, exploring hidden hiking trails, or enjoying a meal with locally-sourced ingredients, we can assure you that you won’t be left without anything to do when travelling through this magical part of the UK. 

Planning Your Romantic Weekend Break in Scotland 

Planning your romantic weekend break in Scotland involves more than just picking a date. It's about creating an experience that both you and your partner will cherish forever.  

Here’s a few things we suggest looking out for to make sure your getaway goes as smoothly as possible: 

Choice of activities 

With its rich cultural heritage and diverse natural beauty, Scotland offers an array of options when it comes to outdoor activities.  

Whether you’re a history buff keen to explore ancient castles, outdoor enthusiasts eager to hike the rugged Scottish Highlands, or gastronomes ready to indulge in Scotland's culinary delights, the activities you select should reflect your shared interests and passions. 

Within the area of Argyle and Bute, there’s a whole host of fun, outdoor activities to try. From kayaking and wild swimming to hiking and beach exploration, there is truly so much to choose from when staying at our country house hotel.  

Comfortable and convenient accommodation 

A comfortable, welcoming place to rest and recharge is paramount to a relaxing weekend break.  

Here, the charm of the property, the comfort of the rooms, the quality of food and drink, and the level of customer service can all contribute significantly to your overall experience. 

At Knockderry House, we’re proud to offer luxurious accommodation that boasts a traditional charm, allowing you to relax in comfort whilst still gaining a taste of authentic Scottish heritage.

Seasonal timing 

Scotland is stunning all year round, but each season brings its unique charm (and challenges).  

Whether it's the fresh bloom of spring, the long, warm days of summer, the golden hues of autumn, or the cosy allure of winter, consider what atmosphere you'd like your weekend getaway to encapsulate and book your trip accordingly. 

Location, location, location 

The location you choose to stay in sets the tone and atmosphere for your romantic getaway. The surrounding scenery, the tranquility of the area, and the accessibility of local attractions will all play an important role in your holiday experience.  

Fortunately, Knockderry is set in a prime location that offers all of the above and more! 

In the next section, we’ll look more at what you will uncover when staying at our country house in Argyle and Bute 

Knockderry House: The perfect location for your Scotland weekend break 

Knockderry House's strategic location sets it apart as a premier destination for weekend breaks in Scotland.  

Tucked away on the shores of Loch Long in rural Argyll and Bute, our award-winning country house hotel is a true Scottish gem.  

Despite our rural setting, we're conveniently situated just under an hour away from Glasgow Airport, making us easily accessible for both local and international visitors! 

The uniqueness of our hotel rooms at Knockderry House significantly adds to our charm and appeal. Each of our 15 rooms are individually designed to offer a unique blend of comfort and elegance, capturing both 19th-century charm and 21st-century conveniences.  

Spread over three floors, the rooms take on the distinctive character of the house, providing an ideal space for you, your loved one, and even your dog to relax and disconnect from the outside world. 

We understand that for many, a romantic getaway wouldn't be complete without your furry friend. At Knockderry House, we celebrate our pet-friendly status. We are more than happy to welcome well-behaved dogs to our premises, ensuring that no member of your family is left behind on this special escape. 

So, as you plan your romantic weekend break in Scotland, consider Knockderry House as your home away from home, where the heart of Scotland's beauty meets luxury, comfort, and warm Scottish hospitality. 

Things to do during your Weekend Break at Knockderry House

While providing an excellent retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation, we also serve as a gateway to a host of activities and attractions that can be discovered on the West Coast of Scotland.  

Our location in the heart of Argyll and Bute allows you to experience the enchanting allure of Scotland's natural beauty.  

Nestled along the banks of Loch Long, you’ll find truly stunning scenery that will be sure to take your breath away every time. With Loch Lomond just a short drive away and a wide choice of hiking trails, nature walks and woodlands all on your doorstep, you are truly immersing yourself in nature when staying at our beautiful country house hotel.  

While the surrounding landscapes offer a feast for the eyes, Knockderry House ensures a feast for your palate as well.  

Our culinary experiences are a key highlight of any stay with us. At the heart of our kitchen is a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. Our talented chefs skillfully craft these ingredients into culinary masterpieces, providing a taste of Scotland that is as authentic as it is delicious. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of historic monuments and places of interest nearby. In close proximity to our house, you’ll find local attractions such as Craigrownie Castle and Linn Botanic Gardens, both great days out for couples and families.
Further afield, you could choose to visit the famous and beautiful village of Luss, which stands on the banks of Loch Lomond – only a 30-minute drive from our hotel. Other nearby towns include Helensbourgh, Gourock, or you could choose to venture out to the Isle of Bute for a full day out! 

In essence, a weekend break at Knockderry House offers a beautiful balance of relaxation, exploration, and indulgence, encapsulating the best of what a romantic getaway in Scotland should be. 

Book your romantic weekend break at Knockderry House 

Now that you've had a glimpse of what a romantic weekend break at Knockderry House entails, you're likely eager to start planning your visit. Please feel free to browse our packages, rates and offers to see which one best suits your needs. 

Once decided upon, you can use our online reservation system to conveniently book your stay. It's a simple, straightforward process that allows you to browse availability and book your preferred dates within minutes. Just hit the book now button to secure your spot! 

Alternatively, if you have any questions special requests or simply want to chat with our team to find out more about staying at Knockderry, do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to accommodate you as best we can.
Your perfect romantic getaway in Scotland is just a click away.