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The original house

Origin of Knockderry House

Published: 20/02/2021 / Author: Beth

There has been a dwelling at Knockderry for centuries, but the first recorded owner of a property on this site was David Anderson (1793-1879) who had Knockderry House built in 1846 as a summer residence for his family. The following short history was written with the assistance of Mary Blyth a descendant of the original owners, the Andersons.

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Stained Glass

The Artisans

Published: 20/02/2021 / Author: Beth

One of the most significant features of Knockderry House is the stained glass in the dining room and restaurant.  The artists employed by Leiper included Daniel Cottier and John Guthrie.

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Valentine Macarons

Romantic Inspiration

Published: 14/02/2021 / Author: Beth

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to say 'I love you' to those who matter the most. All those who have loved and cared for us over the last year, and for all those we have missed. This Valentines Day, send the gift of Love. 

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Couple walking

The Romance of Scotland

Published: 14/02/2021 / Author: Knockderry House

Scotland is one of the most romantic destinations in the world.  Which is why so many people come to get married, engaged or celebrate a special anniversary together.  How can we inspire you?

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Snowdrops in the garden

Beginning of Spring

Published: 20/03/2020 / Author: Knockderry House

As we leave winter behind and Mother Nature starts to show signs and the promise of spring, our spirits are raised. At Knockderry, we are looking forward to some of the local activities and events.

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The Nest

Scotland in Film

Published: 01/03/2020 / Author: Knockderry House

Some would say that we are biased when we claim Scotland to be the most picturesque and beautiful country in the world. From rugged shorelines to sweeping glens tucked away between towering mountains and stunning castles set on the banks of tranquil lochs, Scotland has a unique and rich landscape. Here are a few of the many stunning locations that you can visit in the footsteps of your favourite film characters.

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Whisky and Guinea Fowl

Whisky and Food Pairings

Author: Knockderry House

Are you a food lover? How much attention do you pay to what you drink with it?  Pairing food with a drink is nothing new. Wine and food have always gone together with the basic guidelines being red wine with red meat, white wine with seafood and champagne with oysters. In fact, there are probably a lot of choices that you make about which drink to have with a particular dish without even realising it.

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