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Stained Glass
the aesthetic movement
The Artistans

Daniel Cottier (1838–1891) was an artist and designer born in Anderston in Glasgow. The stained glass in the dining room shows the influence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the work of William Morris. He painted figures in a Pre-Raphaelite style similar to Rossetti and Burne-Jones. Cottier is aslo considered to have be an important influence on Louis Comfort Tiffany,  credited with introducing the Aesthetic movement to America and Australia. Cottier was interested in glass, furniture, ceramic manufacture, and interior design. 

J. & W. Guthrie was established by John (born Edinburgh in 1847 or 48)  and William (born Glasgow in 1851 or 52–1939).  They were the sons of painter and decorator John Guthrie of Auchterarder, Perthshire, who left an already established firm to his sons when he eventually retired.  Both sons attended Glasgow School of Art  and the brothers expanded into stained glass design and manufacture,  John Gordon Guthrie (1874–1961) is considered to be the artist who produced the vivid stained glass in the dining room.  He was the son of of William Guthrie - and he eventually emigrated to the United States working for Tiffany & Co, as a stained glass artist.