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The Real Taste of Scotland

At Knockderry House we have always championed great local and seasonal food so we were delighted when VisitScotland recently launched a new scheme to encourage more businesses to not only use but promote the great food we grow here in Scotland.

The Best in Scottish Produce

Run by VisitScotland, Taste Our Best aims to promote the very best of Scottish produce in season as it has become more apparent that more and more of our visitors to Scotland are particularly interested in learning where our food comes from and who supplies it.

Emphasis on Provenance

With the help of the Taste Our Best scheme, Knockderry House is now looking to place more emphasis on giving our guests the inside story on our suppliers, where the produce originated and traditional recipes.

The aim of the scheme is to give recognition to establishments who have a policy of sourcing and using Scottish produce. The quality of cooking, service and presentation skills are also considered as part of the assessment but the scheme not only looks at the food, but the whole guest journey including staff knowledge of the menu content.

A Truly Scottish Menu

Taste our BestTo achieve a Taste Our Best accreditation a business has to be able to demonstrate that at least 50% of the menu is Scottish in origin, and with a world reputation for renowned beef, lamb, seafood and game, why wouldn’t we want to shout about it?

So if you want to support the businesses and suppliers who are a part of this scheme look out for the Taste Our Best logo, and get involved in championing the best Scottish restaurants across the country.

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