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So What are Wine Flights?

We have had a lot of questions from guests asking about our new wine flights which start on the 1st November.  So here is a short explanation to hopefully clarify the position.

Wine flights, also known as tasting flights, are tastings of multiple wines. It’s a quick and enjoyable way for tasters get a feel for a wine’s breadth or depth. For this reason wine flights are ideal for newcomers to wine tasting or seasoned wine tasters who want to increase their understanding of a specific wine producing region, vintage, or varietal (a wine made from a single grape variety) or discover new wines.

There is often a central theme for a wine flight and is a great opportunity to taste a number of different types of wine in one sitting.

Restaurant sometimes offer a wine flight simply as a way for diners to sample a range of different wines. The wines may be designed to complement a fixed price menu, with each wine paired with a different course, or may be intended to highlight a specific aspect of the wine. At Knockderry, we will be offering our wine flights with a small platter of food to pair with the wines on offer.

Wine flights generally provide smaller pours than normal because of the cumulative amount of wine being offered; somewhere in between a couple of sips and a full glass. The size of the our depends on the length of the wine flight with less wine per pour on longer flights and fuller pours on shorter flights.

So now you (hopefully) know and if you are still curious, just pop in and try in out – 3 glasses  of wine and a small platter of food for only £9.00 (introductory offer) throughout the month of November.

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