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Raspberries – the Perfect Summer Fruit

Although Scottish raspberries are in abundance at the moment, raspberries are grown all over the world and actually come in all different colours from black orange, yellow, purple and white and of course red, the colour we are all most familiar with.

In Scotland the main raspberry regions for growing are Perthshire and Fife where the rainfall is lower than experienced here in the west. During the summer months from mid July to the end of August, they are abundant and relatively cheap to buy compared to those grown in Europe and sold in supermarkets throughout the rest of the year.

At Knockderry House we use raspberries all summer in pavlovas, fruit gratins, summer puddings and of course the prolific Scottish dessert, Cranachan.  Cranachan is a traditional Scottish sweet dessert recipe served with raspberries. It is also spelt Crannachan and traditionally served in Scotland at the New Year and at some Burns Night Suppers.

Raspberry and Whisky Cranachan

50g pinhead oatmeal
25g soft brown sugar
300ml double cream
200g raspberries and extra to decorate
2 tblsps of your favourite whisky
3 tblsps of honey


Toast the pin head oatmeal mixed with the soft brown sugar under a grill until golden brown, being careful not to let it burn. Allow the mixture to cool completely before peeling from the tray and breaking into chunks. Softly whip the cream and warm the honey, adding the whisky. Toss the raspberries into the honey mixture. Layer the ingredients in a tall glass, starting with oatmeal and ending with cream and top with raspberries, a drizzle of honey.

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