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Knockderry Squid

People can often be put off cooking squid as it requires a bit of prior knowledge. However, it is easy once you know how. Begin by cutting off the tentacles, and pull the ‘quill’ out; a plastic like shard in the center of the body. Reserve the silvery ink-sac to colour the dish later. Peel the skin from the squid meat and remove the ‘beak’ from the tentacles. Keep the tentacles and squid body as can both be used in cooking.  The body can be stuffed whole, cut into flat pieces or sliced into rings. The arms, tentacles and ink are also edible; in fact, the only parts that are not eaten are the beak and gladius (pen). Squid is a good food source for zinc, manganese and high in the recommended daily intake of copper, selenium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin.

At Knockderry Country House Hotel, we prepare squid in a variety of ways but my personal favourite is probably the simplest. Dust the rings with spiced flour and fry it, before serving it with some chilli and garlic noodles.

When frying, grilling or even poaching, take care not to over cook it, as this makes the delicacy a very tough chew! All in all squid is a beautiful piece of food and one of my own favourite foods.


200g Squid rings, or squares
1 tbl Plain flour
1 tbl Blackened Cajun seasoning
1 tsp Smoked paprika
1 tsp Malden sea salt
1 tsp Mixed spice
1 pinch cracked black pepper


Dust the squid in the mixture and fry in hot oil around 180 – 190ºC for around 3 minutes. Drain on a clean piece of kitchen cloth, season.

Try experimenting with different flavors of noodles, chilli, coriander, lemon and find something that suits you.

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