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Knockderry and the Paisley Cotton Industry

Over the 11 years or so we have been here we have received occasional letters and visits from people who have been connected to Knockderry House and its history.  This letter from Mary Blyth is a good example and we thought it might be interesting for those who ask us about the history as it gives very reliable information on the pervious owners of Knockderry. Note: Auchengower is a large house about 1/2 mile from Knockderry and was at one time the home of the Grant Whisky family.

“I am related to the Andersons. I believe the David Anderson you refer to was David Blyth Anderson (1872-1944). His parents, John and Jessie Anderson, lived in Glasgow but I think they owned Knockderry as early as 1861 as two of their children were resident there at the 1861 census, and they used it as their summer residence. Incidentally, they were not wool merchants but cotton manufacturers and D & J Anderson is still a trade name for fine shirtings, although now produced by an Italian company.

The first owner was David Anderson (1793-1879). His wife was Anne Blyth, sister of my great-great-grandfather. He had Knockderry House built (or, as you say, bought it) in 1846 as a summer residence. His main residence was in Glasgow.

The Andersons

The Andersons of Knockderry House

His son, John Anderson  (1827-1911), inherited Knockderry in 1879 & extended it in 1897. Obviously very wealthy. His main residence was in Park Circus, Glasgow. 1881 census – 3 children of John Anderson & Jessie Harvie were at Knockderry, with 2 servants, while their parents were at 3 Park Circus. He had two sons, David Blyth Anderson (1872-1944) (mentioned above) and A (Alexander) Harvie Anderson (1873-1939). I’m fairly sure DBA was the elder brother, and I don’t know how he ended up at Auchengower rather than Knockderry .

A. Harvie Anderson and some of his seven sisters lived at Knockderry – by 1904 he was listed at this address. He is in telephone directories to 1938. The Misses Anderson were still there in 1940. Ida Katherine Anderson & Norah V Anderson both had some art exhibited (several mentions on the web).”

Many thanks to Mary for sharing her invaluable research and knowledge of the Anderson family of Knockderry.

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