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We have a comprehensive list of Malt Whiskies from around Scotland including two local distilleries, Auchentoshan and Glengoyne. Our beers are supplied by local breweries and we stock a wide range of spirits and liqueurs, including a wide range of Scottish Gin.

Malt Whisky

Malts are served in 25mls measures.


The Lowlands region lies south of an imaginary line drawn from the Clyde estuary to the Tay estuary. It can claim only three working distilleries. Whiskies from the Lowlands tend to be soft and light in character. They often display very malty, grassy characteristics and subtle delicate aromas

Highland Region

Moving north of the imaginary line takes us in to the Highland region. The region includes most of the rest of Scotland, with the exception of the Island of Islay and Campbeltown, and thus its malts vary greatly in character. Generalisations about the Highland region are less valid, as its whiskies will range from dry to sweet and some even have a touch of smoke and peat.


Technically Speyside lies within the Highland region. It is home to approximately half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries. This small area of land located to the north west of Aberdeen produces mellow, sweet, and particularly fruity malt whiskies.


Located in the Inner Hebrides, the small Island of Islay is often called ‘Whisky Island’ given its concentration of eight distilleries. The island produces very distinct malts, generally heavily peated and smoky in taste.

Spirits and Liqueurs

We are very pleased to have a range of Scottish Gins.  In recent years, gin has had a notable resurgence with dozens of distillers popping up throughout the length and breadth of the country. In bars and shops across Scotland, you’ll find a superb range of Scottish gins of various styles, infused with some wonderful natural botanicals.  In addition we stock a variety of vodkas, brandies, and liqueurs including the Scottish liqueur Drambuie,  a sweet, golden coloured liqueur made from scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices.


We stock a range of draft and bottled beers including real ales from Kelburn Brewery based in Paisley and West Ales.

West have been brewing the finest artisan lagers and wheat beers in the UK since 2006. They brew all their beers in strict accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516, despite their German roots they are firmly planted in Glasgow and their company ethos can best be summed up as ‘Glaswegian Heart. German Head’.


Our wines are supplied by Inverarity Morton.



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