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Brambles are Back!

We are blessed in this part of Scotland to have a profusion of wild blackberries or brambles in our hedgerows and woodlands – they thrive in poor soil and along our country lanes and have a depth of flavour rarely matched by cultivated types.

A handful of tasty brambles

A handful of tasty brambles

Our advice is, do as we do at Knockderry Country HouseĀ  and take a small pot and a good sturdy stick to push past the prickly stems and search out brambles near you. If you have to buy then try a farmers’ market and select those that are neither too firm nor too squishy. We suggest you rely on your sense of smell to help you guage what is the perfect fruit.

Wild brambles right on our doorstep

Wild brambles right on our doorstep

A well stored bramble can be kept for a couple of days in a cool dry place, but they also freeze well so try to get a few bags in the freezer to combine with autumn apples in puddings later in the year. Brambles are best enjoyed with a little sugar and a lot of cream, but there are a variety of ways for us to make the most out of these tasty berries from a version of a late summer pudding to a fabulous addition in a cold Martini on a balmy evening.

The boys from the Knockderry kitchen will be out scouring the hedgerows and showcasing this fruit throughout the month of August so have a look at our website for our current seasonal menu or come and try our Tasting Menu which is available from Tuesday – Saturday every week.

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